What Is Elevate IQ?

Elevate IQ is Transaction Management Software for Commercial Tenant Rep Brokers managing lease transactions with their clients. It’s a digital dashboard that allows brokers and clients to:  Review customized property results in an intuitive, streamlined dashboard View rich visual content and easy to understand data points for every property Swap notes and comments about specific

How Does ElevateIQ Work?

Our software allows brokers to present available property options to their clients in a more collaborative and modern way. Think of it as a digital, interactive version of a traditional PDF property report that traditionally would be attached to an email along with various property flyers and spreadsheets. Our system allows brokers to enter all

I’m looking for a job at Elevate IQ or Elevate Growth Partners, how do I apply?

First, definitely check out our careers page. We do our best to keep our open positions updated and are always on the hunt for impressive, outlier talent. Or you can submit your resume and cover letter and why you’d like to join our team to careers@elevategp.com. 

Can my client search for other properties using ElevateIQ?

No. Elevate IQ is not a property marketplace and doesn’t enable clients to search for properties. Neither brokers nor clients have the ability to search or access the entire marketplace. Tenant Rep agents must still utilize 3rd party resources, software and other methods to capture a complete view of the property availability within the marketplace. 

How is ElevateIQ Different From Other CREtech solutions currently available?

We’re a tenant-focused brokerage building technology designed to be used by tenant rep agents. We are laser-focused on delivering a best-in-class over client experience. Our mission is to help brokers digitally engage their clients to deliver the highest level of service possible through every stage of the lease transaction process. We’ve built our software to

I’m a Tenant Rep Broker/Agent at Another Firm, How Can I Use Elevate IQ?

Get on our waitlist! We’re working hard to make ElevateIQ accessible for tenant rep agents at other firms in the future, but for now you must be an active, licensed agent at Elevate Growth Partners to utilize our technology with your clients. Interested in joining our brokerage firm? We’d love to meet you.  Click Here

I’m a Listing Agent, How can I use Elevate IQ?

ElevateIQ is not designed as a property management solution. We do allow landlords/listing agents to submit properties for our brokers: SUBMIT HERE and we do have plans on our product roadmap to build solutions that will allow listing agents to confirm/update property information before we present to clients. To stay informed of new releases and

Who Uses Elevate IQ?

Tenant Representation Brokers use our ElevateIQ technology to organize and manage their lease transactions. They use it to deliver property search results to their clients. Clients use it to stay connected to their brokers throughout their commercial real estate transaction.

Is This a Property Marketplace?

No. ElevateIQ was not designed nor built to become an end-user marketplace for searching properties. Our software is licensed and used solely by licensed agents looking for a modern and digital way to connect with their clients.  

I’m a Tenant Looking For Space, How Can I Use Elevate IQ To Search For Space?

Currently, a tenant client must be actively engaged in a property search transaction with an Elevate Growth Partner‘s sales agent to use ElevateIQ. Our software is currently only available to Elevate agents and their clients. The best way to gain access immediately to managing your space search using ElevateIQ is to work directly with an